Kate's Road Trip: Northern Leg

The third and final leg of the Road Trip ran July 7-27, 2000.
I went through Pennsylvania, New York, Ontario, Vermont, New Hampshire, and Massachusetts.

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Trackside at Altoona's Horseshoe Curve

Johnstown funicular. It looks like the waiting
room, but this is what goes up the hill!

Addams Family in Punxsutawney?

Oh boy, the Groundhog Festival

That look says it all

I was thinking of David all the time.

Our guide at the QRS factory demonstrates the zippy high-tech dual papercutters, used to trim the end of the piano roll to a point. A reinforcing tab-and-grommet is attached at another station.
Their grommet-making machine started life in a shoe factory, punching holes for shoelaces.

They can make 18 copies at a time...

...in a process controlled by an Apple IIe (left center).

Once a year, they put out a special Christmas tune
on holiday wrapping paper.

QRS is just one of many fine industrial
establishments along Buffalo's Niagara Street.

Kate, cousin Frank, his wife Mary Meyers.
His dad painted the portrait; that's my
great-grandmother, one of the 3 Louisas.

Booter thought we got out this shoebox especially for him.
He nested there the rest of the evening.
I was just looking for something the right size
to mail David twenty kazoos.

Friday night Fish Fry at Caputi's.
Note the basket of wings. Gotta have wings.

A buffalo at a china shop.
Last year Chicago had "Cows on Parade"; this year Buffalo
and Toronto were both overrun with massive plaster herbivores.
(In Toronto it's mooses.)

From Buffalo I drove up to Toronto,
where the CN Tower played hide & seek.

The University of Toronto really, really wants
to be Oxford or Cambridge.

A corner of the U. of Toronto War Memorial.

Rochester, NY.
The conservatory at the George Eastman House.
I like the decorative metalwork around the doorway.

In the music room, the carpet caught my eye.

I don't make this stuff up, really I don't.
When I came out of the Eastman House,
there's the church where my parents were married,
and in the museum parking lot, the Hershey's Kissmobile....

Cutler Union building was part of the U. of Rochester's
Prince Street (women's) campus, when Mom went there.

A gateway at Cutler.

The shield at the center top reads (backwards)
MELIORA--symbol of the University of Rochester.

To the Adirondacks!

A weekend at Sagamore, the Vanderbilts' old summer place

"Please do not hang your
Little Mermaid beach towels on the porch railings."

Each building entrance
had a basket of spray cans of bug repellant.

Sagamore is utterly quiet except for human voices,
feet on porches,
a screen door banging shut--
and the occasional rumblerumble CRASHclatter
of the bowling alley.

With Brunswick ball return! No moving parts--
besides the ball, and the person acting as pin-setter.

The ball hurtles along, and slings itself right up onto the top rail.

View from the 10-person war canoe.
You can barely make out the "browse line"--
that's how high the deer can reach, in winter, standing on the ice.

Sagamore Lake

Day lilies? July lilies? They were plentiful
along northern roadways.

Lunchtime in Albany, NY,
outside the state legislative buildings.

Back home again, Joey
practices kazoo on the Amish quilt
(from western New York).

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