April Gardens

"But how can you live in Oregon?" goes the cry. "All that rain!!"

This is my answer. These photos were all taken 18 April 2000.

Click on any image below to see it at a larger size.

I mowed the lawn twice already. Those are Red Riding Hood tulips lining the path, and blue forget-me-nots, and herbs--sage, thyme, oreganos.

The Grand Patio. There's azaleas, a hydrangea, and a couple small rhodies here that will bloom later. On the far right is a tower for the wisteria to climb. It has flower buds this year (first time!) The "snow" is petals from flowering trees down the block.

The new dwarf lilac has buds too. Guess the tomatoes didn't swarm over it TOO badly last summer.

Hosta re-emerging from hibernation...burgeon burgeon!
These last 4 are all at the Rhody Garden (Crystal Springs). Talk about burgeoning! The red rhody is eight or ten feet tall.

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