Clarion West 2000: The T-Shirt

Here, by popular request, is the text of the Clarion West Class of 2000 Official T-Shirt.

I went to my dark place, and all I got was this lousy T-shirt.

I think I agree with Miriam, depending on what she said. -- Seeing the pear only as a sexual object trivializes it. -- Crap fairies stole my point! -- I was not expecting the plant to take direct action. -- Don't throw that bread! People are starving at Clarion East! -- And then, unfortunately, I read it again. -- I failed to discipline my furniture. -- She didn't kill anybody with her knife. Well, her son. -- I've written a comment here that I don't completely agree with. -- Just because I'm small-minded doesn't mean your story isn't incomprehensible. -- Ditto the otter sex. -- Boy goes to sea. Boy nearly drowns. Blah blah blah blah blah. -- Sex, violence, and peripteiea! -- He manages to whine quite effectively, but I'd like to see him suffer as well. -- If a dog read this, they'd really love it.

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