Clarion West 2000: The Physical Environment

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The left half of my room. That's my wife Kate on the bed; she stayed here for the first couple nights, then left for an East Coast road trip. (Waah!)

The right half of my room. I'm using every available electrical outlet, even with the six-outlet power block and extension cords I brought.

Beware the furniture! The keyboard drawer is much too high for the chair and the setup gave me carpal tunnel problems by week 4. This photo shows how I set a board across a couple of bed headboards to bring the keyboard down to a better height for me.

This is the actual view from my window.

I have a great view of Mt. Rainier.

The west-side view. Spectacular, but too hot in the afternoon.

The lobby area is currently under construction. Fortunately, it's not too disruptive to our daily life.

The Crap Fairies come in the night and take your just-completed manuscript, replacing it with crap. This design is believed to guard against them.

A view down the hall from the elevators.

Atop my monitor are, from left to right:

Three transgendered Quasimodos, courtesy Leslie What.

A photo cutout of me and Kate, to remind me of us.

A scary container of UFO Gum, also courtesy Leslie What.

An Intel BunnyPerson, commemorating the fine employer who gave me a sabbatical so I could do this insane thing.

The classroom at Seattle Central Community College where we do our critiques and get occasional lectures, every Monday through Friday morning.

The reading space at Elliott Bay Books, where the instructors give a reading every Tuesday night. Open to the public!

The circle of iconic toys in the center of the ring of tables. They have always been there -- nobody knows why -- although I've added a couple (the puzzle ball and the cockroach).

The Man-Eating Shark icon.

The Nearsighted Predator icon.

Campion Tower, view from the northeast.

The famous Verisimilitoad, a Clarion West tradition.

My door at the end of six weeks. The postcards were sent by Kate from her trip up the East Coast.

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