Clarion West 2000: Miscellaneous Photos

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Julian contemplating suicide with a plastic sword. Either that, or considering what kind of vermin to put in his next story.

Trick Weekes, Patrick's evil twin.

Kameron critiquing, ignoring the marvelous view as we all usually do.

Francesca critiquing, wearing one of her more subdued outfits.

A full-length view of the amazing Francesca.

Inez, Francesca, Andy, Anne, and the Verisimilitoad.

Paul Park reading at Elliott Bay Books.

John Hedtke, Astrid Bear, and Bill Mingin at John Hedtke's party (week 1).

Paul Park and John Crowley accept the pair'o'peteias from us at John Hedtke's party.

The pair'o'peteias. Aren't they cute?

Another view of the pair'o'peteieas, showing their labels. I can never tell which one is which.

Watching The Wizard of Oz with the subtext-captioning turned on.

Boy, that Glinda sure is a bitch!

Nicola Griffith, Patrick, and Julian at Nicola's party (week 2). A most excellent host!

Geoff Ryman, a giant among men, accepts Toto II from us at Nicola Griffith's party.

Toto II. You would never believe how hard it is to find a pair of ruby slippers and a spiked collar for a dog this small.

Another view of Toto II, and the card we gave Geoff.

The herd sitting at Geoff's feet (and trying on each other's glasses) at Nicola's party.

Scenes from the Great Water Fight of 5 July 2000. We few, we happy few...

Leslie Howle, David Myers, and Astrid Anderson Bear at Kate Schaefer and Glenn Hackney's party (week 3).

Candas accepts the Expository Lump at Kate and Glenn's party.

The Expository Lump, with braids honoring Candas'.

Candas and Pat Murphy, who showed up early.

Tom Whitmore, Greg Bear, Edd Vick, A.P. McQuiddy, and Pat Murphy at Kate and Glenn's party.

How do you get six Clarionites in a Toyota Corolla?

The circle of toys changes to a spiral, with cosmic significance.

Julian made the mistake of having a birthday at Clarion.

In honor of Julian's birthday, we sacrificed this frog to the Elder Gods...

...we gave his otter to the Liliputians...

...and finally we killed him, in effigy. Don't let this happen to you!

To commemorate Pat's last day, we all wore black and put purple streaks in our hair.

It's Totally Hair Amy!

Everyone got into the act.

The Brazen Husky. The name honors Pat's writers' group, the Brazen Hussies. The wings and halo are for Pat's forthcoming book Wild Angel, and the braid is for Pat.

To understand this tag, you'll have to read Through Time and Space with Max Merriwell (forthcoming).

We presented the Brazen Husky to Pat in the dorm.

Completing Patrick's transformation into Pat's double, in the car on the way to Marci and Tom's party (week 4).

Pat and Miriam admire the Barbie Dream House that Kate Schaefer (in background) brought in reference to Pat's story "Spirits in the Dream House," which she wrote and workshopped this week.

An extremely rare photograph of some of the women of Clarion West 2000 in skirts.

Pat (left), Pat (right), and the Brazen Husky.

Pat and Patrick on Leslie What's bear rug. Aren't they cute?

Kate sent me this doormat from Baltimore, and I think it sums up the whole Clarion experience very nicely.

David Hartwell speaking on "Science Fiction vs. Modernism."

Ted Chiang at David Hartwell's reading.

A typical porch scene from the party at John and Pauline Cramer's place (week 5). I think everyone in this picture is a writer, and/or has attended Clarion, and/or is married to one of the above.

David Hartwell accepts Elmer the Elephant, during a power failure, at the party at the Cramers' place.

Elmer the brightly-colored patchwork elephant, and the accompanying book.

Another view of Elmer.

These spectacular clouds were responsible for the power failure.

The graduation ceremony.

I receive my diploma...

...and my ceremonial sprinkling of pixie dust.

Note the huge pile of Kinko's boxes in the background. Clarion generates a lot of paper.

One Clarionite got a tattoo of the Crap Fairy ward. No shit!

Carol signing books at Leslie Howle's party (week 6).

We present Carol with the magic mouse.

The magic mouse. The wand lights up and everything.

Jenn as Fearsome Warrior Girl, complete with cow skull and deadly spoon.

On the last Saturday, we cleaned the dishes and put everything away until next year. Waah!

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