Analytique: Phnom Bakheng

An "analytique" is a picture that analyzes and expresses a building through selection and composition of various views at a variety of scales.

This particular analytique is of Phnom Bakheng, a Cambodian temple near Angkor Wat. It includes plan, section, elevation, and detail views. The emphasis is on composition, sense of "depth," shadow-casting, and rendering technique. It was executed with Rapidograph pens and took several weeks to research and draw.

I got an A+ in the Graphics class for which this was the final project. Unfortunately, I spent too much time on this project and got a B in my architecture studio (two and a half times as many credit hours).

You can't tell in this scan, but each of the 16 Buddhas in the columns on the left and right has a different goofy expression on his face.

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