An Addition to Givens Hall

An exercise in designing with modules: add galleries and jury rooms to Givens Hall, the home of the School of Architecture, using a rigid eight-foot cubical grid. This was a short problem: six hours for design and rendering.

This design was based on the concept of a Great Space, with the modules used only for structure and kept away from the floor as much as possible. The roof is almost all skylights, to let in a lot of light without sacrificing any wall area for windows. The review space around the atrium on the first floor can be divided into several smaller areas as needed, and the two areas nearest to Givens in this zone can be set aside for permanent or semipermanent exhibits.

The design of the exterior was done last, and I took the simplest route (simplest to design, most complex to execute) of copying and extending Givens literally. I ignored the boundaries between panels, assuming they could be made as unobtrusive as necessary. This was in line with the idea that the outside of the building has more to do with the things around the building than the interior. I felt that there was no reason to inflict the modules of the interior on such a stately Beaux-Arts building.

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