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More than you ever wanted to know about David D. Levine and Kate Yule

Also known as www.BentoPress.com

David's SF Writing

David is an award-winning science fiction writer. You can see his author page and his blog.

Kate's Journal

Kate passed away on October 4, 2016 and is greatly missed. In addition to her writings here, you can still read her LiveJournal, in which she recorded the adventure of having our kitchen remodeled, among other things.

Bento Online

David and Kate were best known in fannish circles for their critically-acclaimed fanzine Bento. We finally have all the back issues online.

David's Trip to Mars

In January 2010, David spent two weeks at a simulated Mars base in the Utah desert. You can see his journal and photos.

Bento Press's First Book

The Mars Diaries, a trade paperback collection of the blogs that David and his crewmates kept during their trip to "Mars," is available from lulu.com.

What We Did On Our Summer Vacations (2000)

David attended Clarion West, the intensive six-week writing workshop.
Kate took a Six-Week Road Trip from Florida to New York.

Colorful Imagery

They Saved David's Brain

Click on the left brain for samples of David's writing. Click on the right brain for samples of David's art.

Left Brain (Writing) Right Brain (Art)
Oregon Science Fiction Conventions, Inc. Rosetown Ramblers Square Dance Club Bisexual Pride

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